Welding & Fabricating

Merrill Fabricators has experience in high quality aluminum fabricating and welding productions, including its alloys.

We have experience with many aluminum alloys, including, but not limited to:

  • “Pure” aluminum (1060, 1100)
  • Duralumin/copper alloys (2000 series)
  • Manganese alloys (3000 series)
  • Silumin/silicon alloys (4000 series)
  • Magnesium alloys (5000 series)
  • Magnesium/silicon alloys (6000 series)
  • Zinc alloys (7000 series)
  • Lithium alloys (8000 series)

The most frequent welding processes for welding aluminum include:

  • MIG Welding- (GMAW)
  • TIG Welding- (GTAW)

With the varying properties of each alloy, weldability varies. To ensure the highest-quality welds, our welders are proficient with collective experience in various welding processes.