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Cutting Customer Cost through Ingenuitive Solutions

Maintaining a relationship with a local chemical processing company for over a decade, is evidence that with the right partner, “Anything is Possible.” Merrill Fabricators (MFAB) expertise in manufacturing large fabrications with flexible fabrication tables and overhead cranes capable of lifting up to 200,000 pounds, have allowed MFAB to cut fabrication costs fulfilling our commitment to the customer.

Through project planning, MFAB was able to identify the needs of the chemical processing company. After careful preparation, MFAB was able to make the fabrication more manufacturable. With certified and experienced supervisors and fabricators, the impossible became a reality. What was originally a two piece fabrication was turned into a single two-sided fabrication, increasing efficiency, allowing fabricators and welders to continuously work on the same part in the same fixture.

In order to complete this process, MAB had to modify some existing equipment, such as building custom preheat fixtures. MFAB was also able to take the fabrication and integrate machine welding, to supplement the manual welding. With machine welding, the assembly has a more consistent, high quality weld than was obtained manually. 

Implementing strategies such as project planning, ingenuitive solutions and utilizing large production capabilities, not only could MFAB fulfill the requirements of the customer, costs were reduced. The solutions were able to provide a gratifying experience for the customer and maintain the relationship over a decade.