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Challenging Possibilities

For over six years, Merrill Fabricators (MFAB) has been a preferred supplier of the majority of welded fabrications for a valued client in the mining truck industry. Continuously providing solutions to meet customer needs and delivering large part fabrications out of state, MFAB has maintained a continuous relationship with the customer.

MFAB’s highly trained staff produces a product made of high strength material required for a lightweight design. MFAB has been producing production quantities of various mining truck frame weldments using a high strength steel alloy. In adherence to defect free weld joints, many of these fabrications require testing. Based on the customer’s unique quality specifications, MFAB provides Cyclical Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle testing and visual inspection.

Production quantities have been made possible through fixturing of sub components and complete assemblies.  MFAB’s ability to design and build very simple fixtures or complex, heavy duty fixtures allow for efficiency in both the fabrication and welding of every part.  Moreover, MFAB has increased and streamlined in-house metal forming abilities with a newly installed 2000 ton Press Brake, eliminating material flow complications.

Frequently improving precision and productivity, MFAB utilizes the latest in fabrication and welding technology, incorporating more robotic welding as production continues to increase. Though initial setup and prove-out may be challenging, MFAB continuously focuses on process improvement to meet the customers’ needs.

MFAB has also worked with the customer to improve design and reduce costs by offering to eliminate a weld seem in the center of a 32’ fabrication.  This was made possible by utilizing the three axis burn table, long enough to cut 40’ sheets of material.  This change resulted in a stronger, more dimensionally consistent fabrication, allowing for reduced costs and providing the customer with a cost competitive component.