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Robotic Technology provides Manufacturing Solutions

Four years ago, a potential customer with high expectations sought out Merrill Fabricators (MFAB) requesting an assessment for manufactured generator bases. Accepting assessment terms, the customer allocated MFAB to manufacture two different style generator bases. As MFAB met and exceeded the expectations of the customer, they have expanded the scope of business, as the customer is now provided over 40 different style bases.

With generator bases ranging in weight of 5,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds, MFAB’s first task at hand was formulating a strategy to weld these large fabrications as efficiently as possible. Originally, the bases were welded manually resulting in a great deal of man power. MFAB believed the solution to the challenge was to integrate robotic welding capabilities, therefore; invested in a gantry style robot cell for weldments of these bases. Not only did the robotic welding cell provide a solution to the problem, offline programming software allowed programming of these complex weldments in a short period of time and provided MFAB with a competitive advantage being the first of its kind.

The gantry style cell is very versatile, permitting MFAB to utilize it for different style parts beyond generator bases. However; currently the robot cell is strictly dedicated for these bases, welding over 10 different styles varying in length from 15 feet to 35 feet.

By incorporating robotic welding capabilities, MFAB was able to accept additional opportunities from the customer. This has allowed MFAB to earn certifications in the customer’s supplier quality program and maintain this status for over two years.

MFAB approaches every fabrication with the highest quality standards, and standards aren’t just met they are exceeded.