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Precision metal fabrication means changing metal plates into valves that precisely control millions of gallons of high-pressure petrochemicals, forming and fabricating metal into suspension components able to handle 400 ton payloads and creating components belonging to earth moving equipment able to excavate minerals up to 845,000 pounds.

At Merrill Fabricators “Anything is Possible.”


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  • Noy
  • I Curtiss Wright
  • Sikorsky
  • Joy Mining
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Precise Fabrication and Assembly

How do you measure success of a fabricated metal component? The answer is precision. In the metal fabrication and assembly industry, a successful component relies on the exact preciseness of cutting, forming, welding, stress relieving, finishing and testing. Merrill Fabricators delivers these capabilities to customers with diverse needs, in a variety of industries. We provide expertise at every stage of the fabrication process, precisely to specifications, tracability needs and standards.

Precision Cutting

Our multiple cutting capabilities allow us to cut your material to specified requirements.

Precision Welding

With certified welding expertise, we meet and exceed industry standards.

Precision Painting

We offer complete industrial painting services to meet your precise standards.


Meeting your precise coating needs for specialized parts.


Precision Metal Fabrication at the Merrill Fabricators Facility

Not only is the success of the fabrication and assembly of a metal component measured with precision but also performance. As an industry leader that provides quality products, at a trusted price, in a timely manner, Merrill Fabricators achieves the highest standards of performance. To accomplish these standards, we measure our performance and base it on years of experience.


To ensure quality and consistency, all welds are inspected by certified inspectors to traceable standards.

Process Control

When required, we provide full documentation for each of our products, offering complete traceability.


We invite you to experience our performance. Visit our facility to view the size and scale of projects.


Will the successful fabricated metal component belong to a base frame that supplies support to Fabrication and Assembly Technologyengines and generators that provide over 17 kilowatts of power? Whether it is small, weighing only pounds or large, weighing tons, we have made them possible in nearly every industry.

Our expertise, technological advances to complete precision metal fabricating, and achieving the highest standards of performance, has helped many of our customers open up to new possibilities.