Aerospace Custom Welding and Fabrication

In the aerospace industry, we have provided bond tooling, layup tooling, wing jacks and offer welding repair.

Automation Systems

Automated Systems Custom Welding

Merrill Fabricators supplies many rails for automation systems.


Automotive Custom Fabrication

We have produced equipment weldments for the auto industry, including: robotic rails and columns, machining bases and assembly equipment.

Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing Welding and Fabrication

Our experience in the chemical processing Industry includes; machine bases, pressure vessels and processing machinery.

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Construction Welding and Fabrication Services

We supply the construction industry with support systems, catwalks, stairs, handrails and platforms.

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Defense Equipment Welding

For the defense industry, we have supplied many fabricated assemblies for armored vehicles and gun systems.


Energy Custom Welding and Fabrication

We have completed projects for the energy industry including: solar, wind, nuclear, oil & gas and conventional power plants.

Food Systems

Food Systems Fabrication and Welding

Our capabilities include producing fabrications for food systems Industries, including pressure vessels and tanks.

Machine Tool

Machine Tool Fabrication Services

Merrill Fabricators supplies fabricated structures for the industry such as machine bases, frames, beds, enclosures and fixtures.


Medical Welding Services

In the medical industry, MFAB has contributed to the delivery of complex machines for medical research, patient diagnosis and treatment.

Mining & Heavy Equip.

Mining Welding Fabrication

We produce many components for these industries including: booms, arms, gearboxes, frames and suspension equipment.

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Robotics Welding

In the robotics industry, Merrill Fabricators supplies, robot bases, frames and arm assemblies for automation/robotic systems.

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